Ringful Health helps you realize your vision of digital health. We provide custom digital health solutions that fit your organization's needs. Those custom solutions can optionally leverage our Shared Medical Decisions and Medication Analytics services to expedite the development process. We support cutting-edge research and work with some of the most prestigious medical research organizations in the world. We are leading experts in health data analytics, decision support, and mobile / web usability, for both public audiences and HIPAA-secure clinical environments.

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Healthcare Providers

For hospitals and clinics, we help you improve healthcare outcomes, patient satisfaction, and reimbursement rates without disrupting workflows. Our solutions engage patients and clinicians before, during, and after the clinical encounter. They are designed to take advantage of performance-based reimbursement codes and are fully integrated into providers' EMR / PM systems. Our analytics solutions provide easy-to-understand dashboards to keep track of your important quality / population health metrics.


For researchers, we help you design, implement, and pilot novel solutions to advance your research agenda. We have strong expertise in collaborating with academics to develop research proposals, as well as in running already-funded projects and clinical studies. We work with qualified institutions and non-profits to pursue grants. We can support proposal development at our risk and consider projects of any size or duration. Our research interests include clinical decision support, medication adherence, Ecological Momentary Assessment data collection and analysis, and consumer engagement to reduce risky behavior and prevent illness progression.

Insurers & Payors

For payors, our solutions engage your network clinicians and members in order to improve outcome, reduce cost, and achieve your quality measures. We can provide tailor-made tools using the principles of shared decision making to help clinicians and patients implement behaviors that prioritize key quality measures within cost-effective workflows. We also provide payors with analytics tools to keep track of how changes to quality metrics and reimbursement structure impact patient care.


Shared medical decisions

The best medical decisions are always made by clinicians and patients together. The clinician would take into account patient preference, behavior / lifestyle, and Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO). The patient would understand clinician recommendations and adhere to them. Our Shared Medical Decisions platform connects the clinicians and patients to increase adherence and satisfaction. Our customizable platform can support shared medical decisions in a variety of reimbursable services, such as medication reconciliation, smoking cessation referral, and substance abuse early intervention.

Medication Analytics as a Service

Ringful Health provides a cloud-based medication informatics service that can be easily integrated into your EMR or other health IT products. Our "Medication API" supports advanced web services such as, medication lookup; prescription parsing; detection of equivalent medications, overlapping ingredients, and interactions in a list; medication reconciliation; and natural language matching between patient intent and evidence-based content. This cloud-based API is used in our Shared Medical Decision product, as well as in our client projects.

Customers & Pilot Sites